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Colin McDowell and “AIME” Making Strides to Help Mortgage Brokers Gain Strong Footing

Kyle Matthews

Nov 24, 2020

The mortgage brokerage industry is competitive, and Colin McDowell is committed to helping budding mortgage brokers gain more market share.

The mortgage brokerage industry is competitive, and Colin McDowell is committed to helping budding mortgage brokers gain more market share. The pandemic has made business more difficult for brokers to communicate clearly with clients; so, anyone trying to dominate the market at this time has to do so with clear-cut strategies in place. Colin McDowell is giving valuable insights into how upcoming mortgage brokers can thrive in these difficult times.

Colin McDowell is a highly-ranked figure in the mortgage brokerage industry. His level of experience has risen exponentially since he got into the business, and he is committed to sharing that experience by helping others build and grow their businesses. He strongly believes that people will continue to buy new homes no matter the world’s situation. People need safety, and the pandemic is an even more important reason people will continue to buy nice and safe homes to live in with remote working becoming more permanent.

With how much work Colin has done in the industry, he is making moves to ensure that bankers and mortgage brokers have all they need to succeed. Among his efforts, there is a growing association of mortgage brokers that McDowell is greatly proud to be part of called “AIME” (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts). AIME is helping mortgage brokers nationwide achieve their goals. On top of that, they help loan originators who have goals to become independent brokers make that change more easily than navigating it on their own. 

As an independent broker, Colin continues to attempt to break boundaries for independent mortgage brokers. Despite his efforts, Colin has had his ups and downs too. He spent years trying to master how the industry works and even worked in banking for a while through his grandfather’s influence, a former banking magnate.

McDowell was once named in America’s Top 40 under 40, and rightfully so, he has earned that spot. When asked for his opinion on how mortgage brokers should navigate the pandemic, Colin McDowell opines that every broker should realize that while rates are historically low, this won’t last forever. In his words, “Keep looking for new strategies to streamline your business, and use this opportunity to deepen your relationships with your real estate partners. Famine season will come eventually. Use this opportunity to invest in long term assets, and follow Anthony Casa’s guidance on AIME’s  Facebook group page.”

Colin McDowell has given reassurances that he will do his best to help brokers maximize their gains during these times. He hopes to help the entire mortgage brokerage industry continue to gain market-share against direct lenders such as RocketTPO (formerly known as Quicken). “If we as brokers can use this time to help our local originators move into our space, we will continue to garner more strength in our ability to be even more competitive in the origination space” he says.

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