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Equity Leveraging

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Client Commitment.

Utilizing your equity towards your future financial goals is as important to us as it is to your financial security and future. We will work tirelessly to ensure your equity works as hard for you as we do. 

We utilize alternative methods for financing for affluent clients who may not qualify for standard bank financing for a number of circumstances, including tax write-offs, creative compensation, etcetera. 


As a client of Colin McDowell, you will be provided a concierge point of contact. Your concierge is available at all times, day or night, to provide insight into your transaction, schedule moving services and utilities, and even book reservations for dinner during your transaction with us. 


Following your one-on-one consultation with Colin McDowell, you will receive a full, guaranteed financing approval alongside a copy of your credit scores, credit options, and a personalized presentation of all available bespoke financing options available to you based on your specific financial position.


We focus on efficiency and speed. Not only does this accomplish achieving secured financing within typically a two weeks period, but it also provides you the time to focus on the upcoming tasks of moving, work-life balance, and peace of mind. 


Our brokerage will search the marketplace on your behalf to construct and build a mortgage product that meets your family or specific financial needs and goals. This includes individualized term options (terms from 8 - 30 years), interest rates to the thousandth percentile provided solely on your income and comfort level, negotiation alongside your agent, and many more tailored solutions.  

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